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Our game revolves around the idea of a sequel to the orginal Space Invaders game,
the aliens had come to earth and you have to fight them again but this time they have infected humans. Our aim for the game was a top down scrolling game where you progress through the world after defeating bosses within a certain scene. The waves and the bosses would be randomised and there would be multiple mob and boss types. Throughout the game you'd be able to pick up power ups which would provide different perks like insta-kill, double points, etc.

User Instructions:

Fight through waves of zombies each wave progressively more and more difficult by the number of zombies attacking. A boss will spawn every third wave which will track your movement and shoot at you.
Ctrl/ Left Click- shoot
W- move up
A- move left
S- move down
D- move right


Daniel Rhodes (Artist), Max Southerton (Artist), Jamil Ahmed (Artist)

Regan Marples (Coder), Ashley Sprules (Coder)

Install instructions

Enjoy the game!

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Space Invaders 2 17 MB